Personal Narrative Essay: Magic In Our Hearts

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Magic In Our Hearts

It still seems like it was just yesterday. The smell of the roses, the cloud of hairspray covering my home from left to right. People running around trying to get ready. Somehow everything seemed to be passing by so slow for me. I felt such calmness and peace going through me. I looked down and could see I was only half ready, still wearing my blue basketball shorts and Pink Floyd t-shirt. Make up was already done and hair was almost done just needed a few touches here and there. My make up resembeled something of a movie star, never had I seen myself so beautiful. My hair looked so perfect fixed as if it was part of a fairytale movie. Long blonde wavy hair with flower pins
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It all looked so wonderful, as my brother pulled into the walkway I saw my future husband. The moment I layed eyes on him I felt I had fallen completely in love with him all over again, the feeling grew stronger so special like the day we first layed our eyes on each other. He was wearing his tuxedo, his hair sleeked all back and he had shaved his beard. I thought he look wonderful, like he always did but those are just the thoughts of a woman deeply in love. I started to walk towards him and for that moment it felt it was just the two of us, smiling and reaching over so our hands could intertwine into one another. "Are we ready to start the ceremony?" I looked foward and saw the judge standing in front of us with a smile in his face. We just nodded and at that moment it hit me that it wasn 't just him and me, there were many people standing around us. Warm familiar faces, some were smiling, some were tearing up and some were looking at their attire. As the judge finished up with the sentence i now pronounce you man and wife I started to tear up, it just felt so magical. "You may now kiss the bride," came out of the judges ' smiling face. My husband wasted no time, he grabbed me close and hugged me. I closed my eyes and drew near him as I recieved my first kiss. We danced everything from cumbias to dj mixes. The decorations looked wonderful it looked exactly like in the movies with the forest theme and flowers everywhere. Light shined from the top like fireflies floating around. The dinner was delicious, we had bbq brisket with mashed potatoes and spicy green spaghetti. Our cake was chocolate in the bottom and strawberry pecan on the top, gotta say I loved

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