Personal Narrative Essay: A Night Ride Gone Bad

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Night ride gone bad
This summer a normal weekend for me is to go to rocks bottom which is an ATV mud riding park. Well that Saturday started out as any other; me and my friends loaded up the four wheelers and started our weekend day of fun. The thing with this is riding in these parks is a relatively new thing for me I spent most of my years on horses. Now I had been through most of my life getting thrown off horses and kicked at and never once broke a bone. But the thing that gave me my unforgettable injury was a four wheeler. We had gotten a late start that day; it took us forever to get everyone up and ready to go. It was probably about two when we finally got to rocks;and I knew we would probably end up staying late into the night. When
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When we ride four wheelers I ride on the back of Sammie’s which is my boyfriend; and normally riding with him is pretty safe. This one time though something bad had to happen to me. We pulled up to a spot we have drove through a million times just never at night. It 's a pretty good stretch of mud and water with a canopy of trees over top. Now normally when we go through this I duck down real low behind Sammie because that 's the only way you can pass through safely. Well this one time when we went through I popped back up way too soon because I thought we were out of it. Next thing I know I am being close lined by a limb. My head gets thrown back, and I am slammed against the cooler. I can 't duck back down because I am being slammed by limbs and I can 't lean back to get away from the limbs because the cooler is in the way. When we finally hit a break in it I was able to duck back …show more content…
At this point it 's dark and I am not sure what all damage has occurred to my face, neck, and head. Now I haven 't said anything to Sammie about it yet besides I got scraped with a limb so while I was washing off in the creek I saw with the head lights on my arm I had what looked kind of like road rash. Once I was done washing off I walked over to Sammie and asked him to get his phone out so he could look at my face with the flash light. As soon as he saw my face I could tell by the look he was making it was not good, but of course he tried to play it off so I wouldn 't freak out. Well we loaded up back on the four wheelers so we could try and get me out of there and next thing I know I 'm suddenly nauseous and dizzy. Needless to say we had to stop so I could throw up ; we are pretty sure I had a concussion. It ended up taking us forty minutes to get back out of that

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