Analysis Of 5 Fun Facts About Athletic Sneaking

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Blaise Ricciardi
Writing- period 1
December 19, 2017

5 Fun Facts About Athletic Sneakers!

You walk in a sneaker store and see shoes that are 500 dollars. You’re wondering, Why are they so expensive? Well there are a handful of reasons. Also your shoes can give yourself a first Impression. Now you’re thinking about getting new shoes because yours are beat. Am I right?

1. Sneaker Sales Are So High!!

If you haven’t noticed, sneakers cost a lot of money now a days. That is because people are getting into cool shoes now. In 2013, the EBay sneaker market was at 313 million dollars. It increased by 31 percent from the previous year. That is insane. The (athletic) shoe market has defínetely increased. The stylish, fancy, rare, and cool sneakers are definitely trending. On top of that, the biggest sneaker seller, NIKE, sold 30 billion dollars in shoes in that same year. You’re probably wondering how they made that much. Are you? Well, companies started making shoes more limited. When they are limited they are more expensive and the resale value increases drastically.

2. People Wait In Lines For Days!

In some
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You might think they are just looking at your shoes. Believe it or not, they are most likely not looking at your shoes for that reason. They are getting a first impression on yourself. If you have beat up shoes, they can tell you work hard or you’re frugal. You would be considered frugal because you spend your money carefully. If your shoes are in good condition people might assume you are careful or contentions. However, your shoes could just be brand new. If people keep their shoes immaculate, it might mean they fear of rejection. Isn’t this insane what you can possibly learn about someone just from their shoes? Also bright and colorful shoes can show that someone is confident and brave. That one is pretty obvious though. Lastly, to end it all off, boots or high tops can show that you are boss or

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