Personal Goals : Goals And Goals Essay

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Personal Goals
What are your personal goals in this course? Be sure to include learning goals, practice goals, knowledge, and values, and also your educational goals related to completing your degree.

Personal Goals in this Course Personal goals include having the confidence in my abilities, obtaining the knowledge that is needed for being an effective leader, obtaining the skills and tools necessary for leading groups and gaining competence once I am doing an internship, and an understanding of the core values that are essential in social work practice. When reflecting on personal goals I feel that I have accomplished many short-term goals and long-term goals on my educational journey so far, however, each step gives me encouragement to continue on and my hope is that like me, I hope that I can help people to see their potential and encourage them to achieve their goals in life. My personal goal as a social worker is to make a difference in the world and to help people to achieve their goals and dreams and that is the ultimate personal goal.
Learning Goals Learning goals include learning how to be an effective leader, how to lead groups, and understanding and identifying hidden agendas of group members or individuals, and learning how to handle disruptive behavior appropriately. In the Chapter 4 reading Group Dynamics: Goals and Norms it discusses many of these things, however, because I have limited experience with working with groups learning all of these things…

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