Informative Essay: What Is Nature Or Nurture?

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Nature vs. Nurture

Donald Hebb once asked "Which contributes more to the area of a rectangle, its length or its width?” (Jasuja, S., Sehgal,, 2015, Para. 2). Scientists have been debating for decades on whether nature or nurture has the biggest impact on human development, and until this day there is no definite answer. Is it biology that determines how we turn out to be as individuals, our genes, DNA and family line? If you agree, then you are on the nature side of this issue. However, if you think it is the environment we are raised in and the experiences we face throughout our lives, then you are with nurture. Nevertheless, in my opinion, these are not the right questions to ask. Looking at this argument from a
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According to the Telegraph, it’s more possible to have the same personality traits in identical twins than it’s possible in un-identical twins (Collins, 2012, Para. 7). That leads us to the idea that nature affects our personality more than nurture. However, Oliver James, child clinical psychologist, believes genes almost absolutely do not contribute in the forming of a person’s personality (Smallman, 2014, Para. 2). The contrast of ideas, studies and supporting evidence are only proof of one thing, it is more likely that both sides are right. This eventually leads us to one fact; both nature and nurture have a huge impact on humans’ personality. In my own experience, one of my personality traits is my love for reading, and the question is did I get it genetically or did my parents raise me in an environment where I learned to love reading? Well the answer is quite simple, I got it from both. My mother’s side of the family is into literature and reading all kinds of book, so I inherited that gene. However, if it weren’t for my parents who raised me in an appropriate environment I wouldn’t have loved reading this much. They used to read for me every night when I was a child, and I used to live with each one of the characters as my own family and friends. As a result of both nature and nurture I grew to love reading, and it became a huge part in my

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