Personal Essay: A Learning And Life Changing Experience

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2012. This year might have been extraordinary to some and terrifying to others. However, as for me, it was a learning and life changing experience, which I shall never forget. It all started when I went for my annual physical awareness. Since my birthday was in May, I have an appointment every year so my doctor could check my weight, height, vision, etc. As I get into the clinic and acknowledge what was going to occur, my thoughts started to fill in. Deep down in my heart and mind, I knew my results wouldn’t be as great as I wanted them to be. Since I was a younger, my mother always took care of my siblings and me when it came to eating healthy and so on. Of course, she never prohibited us from eating anything, but we would always choose the …show more content…
From that day on, my daily routine totally changed. Knowing that my high school years were approaching, and not wanting to get bully once again, I motivated myself to a new challenge. One of the biggest descriptions people quote about me, is the constant willpower I had gained over the years when it comes to challenges and me. People keep telling me until this day how this character of mine is just one of all the different things people admire of me. How people give up in this certain types of things is something very popular now days so, knowing someone like me was something very honorable. At first, I was very embarrassed to work out in front of other people, so I stayed on my house to do video workouts in my room. Then, my mother told me to try something different. Around that time, my mother was attending this place that promoted Herbalife products, a healthy and quite popular meal plan that has helped many people around the world lose weight. If you buy the product, there was an hour of free Zumba. At first, it wasn’t my intention drinking the products so I just went for the Zumba itself, but as time went on, I decided to try it. One of the best decisions ever made by my conscious …show more content…
However, four years has passed and this is my fourth and last year playing soccer with the best team I can ever ask for, next to the most humble, charismatic, understandable, honest coach ever. Day after day, I started eating more healthy foods and doing exercise every day for the past two years and half. Having rough times of wanting to give up, I put myself together and challenge myself to keep going for my ultimate goal. Three years later, I’m 70 pounds down with a total of 130 pounds in my body. This obstacle has been one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever done in my adolescence life which I am extremely proud of. I’ve sacrifice sweats, emotions, laughter, and tiredness to get where I am now. This only makes me realize how any person can bring their goals to the table but only certain people have the courage to keep going until the end of the line. People keep giving up feeling they would never get where they want to be and they missed the satisfactory reward. In addition to that, I can now be a live testimony on how everything is possible if you really want it, not matter the circumstance or the obstacle you are in. My whole perspective of who I was and who I am and who I am going to be was change by this event in my

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