Reflective Essay: A Personal Philosophy Of Education And Learning

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A Personal Philosophy of Education and Learning

I firmly believe that children, regardless of circumstances all have the capability to learn and teach others something meaningful and important. The time just needs to be taken to find the method the child can best use to do this. Not all children are equal in how they learn or express the ideas that they learn and it should be our job to help find that method and allow for the child to use it at its fullest potential. Both the ideas of multiple intelligence and the use of children teaching their peers as an explorative community can help blossom this ability to learn and communicate.
You hear time and time again “I’m a visual learner.” or “I’m an auditory learner.” That’s probably true, but not in the same aspects of visual, auditory and kinesthetic. All learning takes from all three of your typical styles to some extent, combining all three in some fashion provides the most benefit for a student. Along with those there are other ‘learning
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This is shown through Loris Malaguzzi’s Reggio Emilia model and the idea of child guided learning. The idea that students choose their method of expression, allowing for as many chances to express themselves and what they know. It also allows for children to explore their own way of learning whether it’s through reading a book, or physically getting in there and doing it. This theory also provides the opportunity for the child to share their own personalized techniques with their peers. For many children learning from a peer at a level they understand is so much more valuable. This provides a different perspective at a level the child can understand, since it’s being shared by another child at their own level. This concept brought up more in Loris Maliguzzi’s Children First

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