Reflection Of Scaffolding Learning

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Queensland University of Technology takes me with the professional to provide significant and great quality educational experiences for learners at Kelvin Grove State College (middle to senior), as bachelor of education (Secondary) degree students. This program is professional learning experience in the secondary school, coupled with relate wider work experience I have undertaken, bring into line closely with the Queensland College of Teacher’s Professional Standards for Teachers. This portfolio contains two statements of achievement, with evidence from my own experience, of my fittingness term of Standards 2 and 3 in particular.

Standards 2
One of the most important things in teaching is to focus on literacy and numeracy in
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One way to accomplish effectively these focus point is to use them through the all area of the curriculum. Scaffolding learning is a one of the technique that can be used to ideal the selected identifying task for learners, providing guided teaching techniques to build students’ confidence. It is a teaching method, which works mainly well in literacy and numeracy regions for the reason is the students’ inquiry and investigation can be supported and organised by cues. It also provides the learners with a real goal of every single task, gathering previous knowledge plus new contents (Bulu & Pedersen, 2010). Scaffolding learning is a technique that I will be using to assist students understanding of …show more content…
It is essentially to use known ideas and construct new ideas for determining students’ learning outcomes in these expected areas. I will therefore use assessment tasks such as the reading and numeracy continuum’s to look over the recently knowledge of a student. For students who are considered low achieve in mathematics area, I am able to establish a method to improve on them. One of a method is to provide effective learning strategies that will vidual and multimedia texts such as graph, picture and sometimes video, and I believe it helps to build students’ understanding. Another strategy is transferring these skills available by incorporating ICT in lesson. Generally it is necessary to provide stimulate educational environment that produces various learning styles and strategies. As an educator, I will keep on my teaching strategies and knowledge in LLN skills growing by taking part of Professional Development course and constructing an educator network inside the

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