Personal Branding Essay

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Personal Branding Plan Paper



Personal Brand Plan

I am an IT Professional with over 8 years of experience working with hardware, software and network engineering. Throughout my career I have held various positions including several leadership roles. The IT industry is a very technical field where individual contributors are critical to the success of the organization. With the extensive leadership training and experience I have gained, has allowed me to stand apart from my peers and take a more active role in the organization and its strategy. I continuously strive for my own personal development, including going back to school as an adult to achieve my bachelor’s degree. I understand the importance of
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I would also want to work in the IT side of Raytheon for the advancements in technology at this company are cutting edge in comparison to its competitors. Raytheon incorporates its cutting edge technology across a wide variety of areas. IT work is all about cutting edge technology so this would be a perfect fit for me to use my experience in.
Boeing is a company that many people think of for only building government and commercial airplanes. Though this is a large sector of Boeings work, it does do more than just build planes. Boeing builds commercial planes, defense, space/security, military aircraft, satellites, launch systems, advance communication systems and much more (, 2015). Just with that said it is easy to see why anyone would want to work for Boeing. Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company (, 2015). Boeing’s IT works in the same areas as Lockeed Martin and Raytheon. Boeing offers a chance to work in many different countries working on a variety of different functions. Just like the other Raytheon and Lockheed Martin Boeing continues to push past current technology to be a leader in the IT field. This job is desirable because I would have the opportunity to work in a global environment and work hands on with cutting edge technology.
Influencing companies to hire you The best method is to contact these

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