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Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Leadership in Global Environment Context

The differing opinions that exist on what is important in the examination of effective leadership are linked with theories of what has the biggest impact: whether it is personal traits, behaviour patterns or aspects of the cultural and organisational setting. When evaluating leadership, both emotions and social skills may be seen as a vital role in a process of influencing and gaining employees job satisfaction. However, the role emotions play in leadership needs to be considered alongside research.

Ralph Stogdill, the early commentator on the subject highlighted three different dimensions of leadership: interpersonal process, social context and goal
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While the workplace was previously seen as a very rational setting within an organisation, emotions now are observed to be the very important aspect of experiences at work and are considered a key measure to predicting general performance in a company (Rajah et al., 2011).

The idea of emotional intelligence was developed by Peter Solovey and John D. Mayer in 1990, who argued that the concept of intellectual intelligence ignores emotional competencies (Huczynski & Buchanan, 2013). Goleman (2002) have defined such emotional intelligence as the ability to identify and manage one's emotions and the emotions of others. The author also identified four different dimensions of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management (Goleman, 2002) (Appendix 1). The author explained how each of those components complete leadership competencies. Emotional self-awareness is responsible for recognition of one's emotional state and it affecting the followers job performance. Self-management helps to find a way to manage emotions and impulses, enables to stay calm under high stress or during a crisis. Also, responsible for leaders’ adaptability, therefore they can be flexible and adapt to new challenges, set measurable but achievable goals. Social Awareness

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