Pepsico Manifest Motives Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… For example, a Diet Slim Can Pepsi advertisement provides the calorie amount, features of the can, and the options to choose from. PepsiCo information is intended to make the consumer think, "it has zero calories, a smaller can versus a regular size can.” The following are all benefits and direct appeals of the product that is being advertised, direct appeals are generally effective for manifest motives, since these are motives that consumers are aware of therefore, will discuss for instance, PepsiCo marketers implement appeals to manifest motives. In today’s market, the consumers and buyers of PepsiCo are exposed to millions of Television commercials, newspapers and magazines ads that use manifest motives. PepsiCo’s commercials often usesmanifest motives to elicit consumers' purchase intentions because it is most effective. For example, in one PepsiCo commercial the manifest motive that is used informs consumers directly. One commercial a female enters Bears' (football team) waiting room, and tasted Coca-Cola, which had too many calories, and then tried diet Coca-Cola, which was too diet and finally the Pepsi Slim Can which was perfect. The images that were used, is to influence consumers’ needs because, PepsiCo products were compared with Coca-Cola products and each product had different characteristics, for example Coca-Cola …show more content…
The price of the Slim Can will determine the effectiveness and quality of the product and will therefore be a direct impact on the product and it’sdevelopment throughout the implementation of the new product. Also, the price of Slim Can will directly play a vital role on whether the new product will increase the revenues of PepsiCo. As a final consideration, PepsiCo’s will review and research the competition and the rigid market environment when launching and pricing the new product. Therefore, if PepsiCo establishes a price much lower than the rest of its’ competitive market the price that PepsiCo set for the new product can set off a price war, but on the other hand PepsiCo can set a price for the new product that may be too high and the competition will win because the lower price will draw the customer away from the new product and buyfrom PepsiCo’s competitors to get a cheaper

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