Peer Reviews, And Analyzing Commercials Essay

1933 Words Apr 13th, 2016 8 Pages
Question of the weeks, peer reviews, and analyzing commercials: All these may seem like parts of the syllabus in W131 but it ended up being more than that. The day to day tasks in the class have made me a better writer and thinker. College is the highest form of education and has high standards for the work done for them. This class has taught me skills that can take my glob of half ideas on a page into essays that share the message I’m trying to tell people.
During project one, we were asked to discuss our feelings towards writing. I felt like I was doomed from the beginning. I slowly read the instructions multiple times to myself and out loud, hoping that one word would bring a memory to the surface about my feelings towards writing. However, it didn’t. I asked my friends and family members what they thought when reading the project guide. It wasn’t until my aunt pointed out the various forms of writing that I realized that I wasn’t as impartial to it at all. Before this realization I thought writing was tolerable, but I didn’t do it unless I was prompted by the school system to. Once I realized that modern writing falls under my daily tasks without me realizing, the project became extremely interesting. Tweeting about my lunch, texting a friend, describing the service on a restaurant review site: Modern writing was no longer sitting with a pin and paper discussing a prompt. As an enormous social media fan, I discussed it in my project one and showed how it helps build…

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