Pcn 505 Week 4 Paper

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Counselor Ethics and Responsibilities
Jennifer P Coetzee
May 18, 2016
Kendra Stewart

Counselor Ethics and Responsibilities
Section 1: Counselor Values
There are so many different views in opinions when it comes to the topic of abortion. There is the religious point that it is wrong to have an abortion because of the ten commandment that states “Thou shall not kill.” All have heard this one whether atheist or religious. People’s right to choose abortion or not has been questioned for many years, as congress officials have tried on many occasions to illegalize this right. Then there is the other side of this opinion where so many feel it is the woman’s right to choose to have an abortion. A lot of people see this as a
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(2015). In a situation like this it is always good to try to change the person’s mind, but in the end the counselor should support.

Section 2: Client Rights

There are many rights in which I will incorporate five principles of ethical practice in order to maintain clients' rights, which include autonomy, nonmaleficence , beneficence, justice, fidelity. In order to incorporate autonomy as a counselor, it is important to ensure that clients make their own decisions. In order to follow this right, the counselor should no impose on goals, or values. It is important for counselors to understand, relate, be compassionate with the experiences clients go through. (Ryan, 2011)

Nonmalefiecence is one of the most important rules in counseling. Clients have the right to make their own decisions, and choices. Clients have the right to their independence, and to be safe. Adhering to these rules ensures the counselor is following the laws of their state and adhere to the ACA, NAADAC or NBCC codes of ethics. (Davis, 1996)

Beneficence means having the clients best interest heart at heart. It is the counselors responsibility to ensure the client is safe, healthy, and the welfare of the client in general. This would entail sitting with the client and coming up with a treatment plan that both client and counselor come up with which ensure the client’s needs are met.

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