Argument Analysis: The Case For Banning Guns By Paul Waldman

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The general argument made by author Paul Waldman in work “The Case For Banning Guns”, is that guns are pretty much the reason for all the murders, suicides, and mass shootings. And that if guns were banned our society would be better off. More specifically, Waldman argues that he believes guns should be banned. He states that he understands the many reasons gun owners have for not wanting the weapons to be banned. These reasons are valid such as uses for self defense, hunting, or the weapon is just important to the family and has been passed down through generations. He writes “It’s not because Americans are an inherently violent people, it’s because guns are so easily available here.” Most of the crimes happening involving guns are …show more content…
Even if the guns were banned, people could find others ways to murder others or commit suicides. More specifically, I believe that the guns are not the main problem here and that it is more likely the people behind them. For example, someone who does not have a mental illness would not just shoot up a bunch of little kids at an elementary school for no reason; Or the twin towers as Dalmia states in the passage is a very sad time but those people found a different cruel way to kill people other than using guns. Although Dalmia might object that some people just have bad days and make horrible decisions that affect others and their families for life. I maintain that guns are not the problem with all of the murders, and suicides. Some people can pull it off as being normal and pass all the regulations and background checks to get certified to own a gun. But, no one will ever know what goes on in another persons head and that is just why there is no point in setting new laws for getting rid of the weapons. Sick people will still find ways to do there dirty crimes or mentally ill people can find ways to harm themselves. Therefore, I conclude that there is no way of stopping people from doing bad things even if the government tries to ban guns. So i do not think guns should

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