Patron Saint of Butterflies Essay

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The Patron Saint of Butterflies was a 292 page novel that was written by Cecilia Calante. The main characters of the story are Honey, and Agnes. The whole book was written in a switch off format which is when Honey and Agnes each write a chapter on what happened in there own thoughts. The story shows a relationship between two girls that slowly grow apart holding tight onto what they have left in their friendship. The characters are Honey, her dad which is Mr. Little, Mrs. Little, Nana Pete, Lillian, Benny, and the owners of Mount Blessing, Mother Veronica and Father Emmanuel. In this story, the characters are in a conflict; Mother Veronica and Father Emmanuel were the ones that were against Lillian, Nana Pete, Honey,
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Agnes struggles to be with Honey because of their differences, especially when they arrive to the destination and meet a girl named Lillian. Actually, Lillian is Honey’s mother that had left her when she was only a baby, the story of her mother was complicated. She was wonderful at the violin when she had went to Mount Blessing, so she instantly was accepted into Emmanuel’s inner group which usually take years to do. But at that time she was already pregnant but the people in the inner circle knew nothing about it, when they did, Honey was already born into this world, so they made Lillian go away and let Honey stay with Lillian’s brother, Joseph (Mr. Little). Things turn out pretty well until Nana Pete had died from a heart attacked. Honey and Agnes had a major fight after Agnes was praying for Nana Pete to come back alive, Honey said that it was impossible and had some argument that had caused Honey to hit Agnes.

Rushing out the door, Honey hopped into the truck and then drove to the shop Lillian owned. She rushed in causing everyone to suddenly look at her, and then she dragged Lillian back, at that same time Agnes had called her parents to fly here and go pick up Agnes. After her parents arrive, Mr. Little called Lillian the name she was given at Mount Blessing. After Agnes left, that was when Honey found out Lillian was her mother, also she

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