Parts of Speech Essay

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Lindsey Schanaman
English Comp 3
Ms. Walgren
Parts of Speech Essay

Despite the development of the internet and cell phones, the television is still the most important when it comes to important sources of information. Most people use the TV every day and it plays a significant role in those peoples’ lives. Sometimes, it’s really hard to imagine what life would be without it. However, a person could argue that the TV isn’t where they get all their information, but it is almost impossible to find a family that doesn’t own a television. Although we don’t gather around the television any more as our parents used to every evening in the 70-90s to watch a new fabulous film or discuss the latest news, we all watch TV sometime during the
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There is such a wide variety of programs that everyone can choose something he’s particularly interested in. For instance, if you are an animal lover you may be fascinated to watch such channels as “Animal Planet” or “BBC One”. The latter is not a channel broadcasting programs only about animals but nevertheless the programs of that kind come out on BBC One regularly. However, the most popular program is still news. It is the main reason as to why so many people have a television set at home. What can more interesting than watching the latest news report from the other end of the world? I fully agree that one can read the same news on the Internet which is also a great resource because many sites give you the opportunity to follow any event taking place in the world every minute. Nevertheless, there are a few channels which have roll captions giving you the same opportunity. One thing that the Internet cannot give you now is picture transmission. Many will start arguing that it can but let them realize that there are still a lot of people using modems to browse the web. It’s quite difficult for them to download a video clip with the latest news. To sum up, I would like to say that regardless the other advances in technology, television will always remain one of the most important source of information in the years ahead. There will be a lot of other technological advances

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