Case Study: Are Cows The Earth's Number One Enemy?

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Are Cows the Earth 's Number One Enemy?
Who would think that a new type of grass that is used to cut down on cow burps would be something that could save the world? Well, that is exactly what scientists in Denmark thought. They have developed a new type of Grass that is easier for cows to digest and requires less energy to do so. This created is through a process called genomic selection, the scientists used the grass 's DNA to determine if this will help the cow digestive system. The Denmark government and the company producing this grass, DLF, is hoping that this will reduce Denmark 's methane emission to only 10%. Right now agriculture accounts for 40% of Denmark 's greenhouse gas emissions. This new type of grass will not only reduce methane
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I don 't know. Many people believe that the only way to save the earth is to go completely Vegan to cut all meat and dairy products from your diet. Many people believe that there is no sufficient way to keep meat and animal products in your diet and yet still keep the earth healthy. Many doctors do believe that if you go Vegan people can still lead a very healthy lifestyle. I personally don 't think that being Vegan is the best choice. Before I did research I thought that if all cattle was grass feed and raised organically it would be fine. The cows would be happy so we would be happy, But upon doing research I have learned differently. If all the cattle needed to sustain the current meat eaten by Americans, just Americans, was suddenly all organically raised and grass feed they would be using 3.7 billion acres of land. That is almost all of North America and part of South American combined. That is completely unrealistic. I believe that humans need to cut back on the amount of meat and animals products eaten every day. Right now the average American is eating 9 ounces of animal products a day. There is no way that the earth could efficiently sustain that kind of meat production. I believe that the best solution is for humans to drastically cut back on their animal 's product intake to a couple of ounces a week. That is not just meat but also milk, cheese, and everything else that we get through animals. Then all the meat and animals that we do still eat would be raised organically. This was the animals and the humans and the earth is all happy. This is a new type of grass that Denmark has created will help with the cows ' emissions and will drastically cut down on how much methane they produce. This is greatly affected our environment and will help cut down on a number of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Methane is much more harmful than CO2 and this new type of grass will allow the amount of methane being put into our atmosphere to be cut down

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