Participating In Sports Essay

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In this essay I will explain why I think participating in sport teams leave a positive effect on athletes. Ill start off by mentioning what I think are some the positives. Players first and foremost are able to learn how to be 'team players' (work as a team), recieve leadership skills, stay healthy, and last but not least learn to become their own person,or simply gain character. Being a team player is the most important part of being apart of a sports team. Without working as a team there would be confusion, tension, and perhaps quitters. When a team is in fact a team ( working as one), things play out smoothly in favor of themselves. This characteristic leaves a positive effect because it is universal. What I mean by universal is, …show more content…
This is important. I feel that in order to become a leader in an activity such as a sports team you would have to have "all your ducks in a row". You'd have to be the role model for your team thus making a positive effect on them. I have noticed when team players have that one person to look up to (who is apart of the team), they being to want to strive harder and want to put thereselves in a position to become like or better than there role model. Last but not least, another two important and positive effects sports can have on a person, would be health and character. Health is the obviouse positive effect. Weather you are running, swimming, skipping, sliding, or whatever it is you do as a sport, it is sure to keep you fit and healthy apearance wise. I believe none of these positive effects are possiable without a outstanding character. To me knowing yourself and knowing how well you work with others, how well you lead your team, or how healthy you are is something called (knowing your)character. All these positive effects combined makes out to be someone who knows what they want in life weather its sports or something different. Pretaining to sport teams this positive effect is what I feel ever sport player should strive to do. There are many positive effect of being apart of a sports team. It just takes heart and character to figure out what kind of team

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