Parents From Different Families And Different Towns Essay

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I chose to interview two parents from different families and different towns. Hoping that I would see two different cultures and different worries come out. One was a mother and one was a father. The dad is a father of five children; ages 15 to three. The mother has two children and both are under the age of 5. I stuck mainly to the material and prompted for more response when needed.
How is the world different today for your children compared to when you were a child?
C – They don’t have as much freedom they are not allowed to go around in small town. They have a lot more pressure. They are expected to do really good in everything. They are smarter and more talented. I never thought more about basketball other than when I was playing and now my own son plays all the time and is constantly asked about it and did you shoot your free throws today? It’s never ending for them.
D – It’s way different, it’s safer but at the same point more sheltered. I don’t know, it’s more electronic based than physically based, when we were kids we played outside until the lights came on, and then you knew you needed to be home. As long as we didn’t freeze to death we were outside.
What are some of your concerns about raising your children?
C – They won’t go the school in town it will be consolidated. We are a small town in a rural community. The freedom that they have the constant concern that they are in danger.
D - Not screwing things up. The unknown, I never been a…

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