Essay about Parenting Is Not An Easy Job

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When one decides to become a parent or suddenly gets the news they are going to become a new parent their whole life is about to change forever. They now have a human being they have to care for and love unconditionally. A parent is somebody who always puts their child before themselves in any aspect. A parent is also somebody who wants the best possible life for their child so they do everything they can to make that happen. According to Professor Tucker, “A parent is an individual who fosters all facets of a child’s growth, who nourishes, protects the course of development.” (HDFS 641 Parenting in Perspective) Parenting is not an easy job because nothing can prepare you for it. No body is the perfect parent and it takes some mistakes in order to better your parenting. When becoming a parent new roles are taken on. As mentioned before, a parent now has to care and nurture a human being. This requires the parent to take care of basic biological needs for a child such as providing them with food, sleep, and a place to live. Not only do parents take on the role of being the primary provider but they take on the role of being a protector as well. A parent should try to protect their child from all the harm and bad in the world. They protect their child when they feel scared, insecure, and vulnerable. Being an advocate for you child is an important role that gets taken on as well. At times some children might not have anyone in their corner, or may not have a strong enough…

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