Parenting Is Hard : Parents Know This Better Than Anyone Else?

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Parenting is hard. Parents know this better than anyone else. When you are a parent, you know that the choices you make impact not only yourself, but at least one other human being. You understand that at best your choices will impact that person in a positive manner for the rest of their life. You will have given them guidance along their way and influenced their choices long after you are dead and gone. As a parent, you also understand that at their worst the consequences are flipped. You know that your choices will stick with that person you raised till the end of their days. Far after you are long gone. Your public image on the face of the earth: what people will remember you for. It rests in the hands of the person you are currently making decisions for. The type of child that challenges a parent’s decision making skills far beyond any other is that of a rebellious teen and this essay is written to their parents.

We need to start and the beginning of parenthood. Parents just starting out are generally 20 to 30 years old. At this point most were teens less than 15 years ago. They think they know how the system works. They say “We want kids! We won’t make the mistakes we think our parents made!” If they think of any negative reasons to not have kids, they shrug them off. They have college degrees, nice jobs, and they have each other what could go wrong?

Experts in the education field say that it takes roughly 10,000 Hours or about 10 work years to be a professional…

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