Analysis Of The Girls In Their Summer Dresses

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“The Girls in Their Summer Dresses” is a wonderful short story by Irwin Shaw, where the writer highlights an argument between a married couple on a Sunday morning in lower Manhattan. The husband, Michael is looking at other girls in the street, when his wife Frances is with him. He doesn’t realize what he is doing is hurting his wife. Mentally, he is immature that he doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings but his own. He wants every woman he sees even though he has a beautiful wife. This is just like a child who wants every toy he sees even though he has a favorite one at home. Michael’s childish attitude implies that his desire to look at the women in New York City is just a kid’s feeling.
We all know that the mentality and attitude of kids are different than mature people. Usually, kids don’t understand it’s their fault if they do anything wrong. They just do and say whatever they want. They also don’t understand what they want and what they don’t. Last week I took my
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I bought a nice teddy bear for him as a birthday present and he was really happy when he got that. But after a while when he saw a Disney doll in another kid’s hand, he started to cry to get that doll. I told him that he has a teddy bear in his hand, which is better than that Disney doll. But he didn’t stop crying until he got that doll in his hand. Kids always want whatever they see. Michael has the same characteristics. Michael admits that Frances is as pretty as any other girls. When a husband has a beautiful wife, then he doesn’t need to check out other girls if he really loves his wife. But Michael loves his beautiful wife and wants to check out other girls too. He says he likes the girls in the offices, the actresses, and the salesgirls in Macy’s. He has his beautiful wife, but he wants other girls too. This is just like my nephew who had a teddy bear in his hand, but he was crying for the Disney doll

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