Parent Violence in Sports Essay

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Causes of Parent Violence in Athletics In towns across the nation youth sports is being changed by one thing, violent parents. Society today is experiencing a new phenomena in which parents of children participating in organized sport lash out at other parents, coaches and even players in youth age groups. This all can be traced to three factors; the emotional attachment of parents to their child, the financial investment throughout sports, and simply the lack of knowledge a parent has for the game and its norms. Youth sports today is becoming more violent due to the emotional attachment parents have to their kids and their relationship with them to sports. Parents in youth sports tend to identify themselves as a team member. Parents …show more content…
Ever since the recession parents have become more concerned with their money, including athletics. As a result many parents realize that the finances spent in sports are a huge chunk of the bills at the end of the month. Sports today are not cheap and to compete the best in youth sports parents think the best trainer will gain an edge for their child. Another reason parents feel so tied into the team is there financial payments to the coaching staff for their team. Today parents want their children to succeed but in youth sports so they make sure they get on the team with the experienced coach even if it means paying more. Knowing that their child will be getting the best coaching sets parents at ease with the comfort that they will be winning. With winning being set as the primary goal parents lose the reason their child is playing sports in the first place. The chief investment to a parents funding is the the club team or travel teams. This investment for parents is a large one, parents put their children on club teams so they may travel across the state or country so that they get even more knowledge out of the game. The travel team level always seems to have some of the craziest fans and parents because of the financial investment as well as the time put in by parents traveling to various locations for their child.This

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