The Importance Of Hooliganism

Register to read the introduction… We might ask to ourselves why all these violent events take place at first, or how a human being can behave in such manner that hurting others and deteriorating that beautiful game is enjoyable. The reason is simple; hooliganism or comparable behavior is also not restricted to a certain city, region, or country. Hooligans often resemble other young men who have problems at school and at home, particularly in connection to authority figure relationships while social control for the greater part is absent. Undoubtedly young lower class men with a greater inclination to violence are attracted to the possibilities offered by being part of a side and attending a risky match. Young men that might not understand what territoriality means can still without fighting a cause. In other words, soccer hooliganism is not caused by the sport itself, it is caused by political and social problems like differences in class, a fight for an identity, and by a dispute and defense of …show more content…
In fact, their loyalty, their devotion and their passion for the game cannot be compared with anything else. “Soccer without hooligans is not soccer”. However, soccer is not about hurting people, soccer is about having fun watching “the jogo bonito” and about supporting a team. You don’t need to behave violently screaming and throwing objects to the spectators to become a real fan of the sport. In fact, I have been a real soccer fan for a long time. I remember the two years ago that I had a personal experience in an European soccer game in London, England. I went there with my father to watch a UEFA Champion League game between Juventus and Chelsea. I was supporting Juventus which is an Italian soccer team and we were in a completely different city from what we come from. Everyone looked at us as strangers, as aliens who have came to the town and they are leaving the next day. Soccer in England is a really important sport. Everyone knew that those two teams were playing that February 24th 2009. For the English people that we met there those eleven Chelsea players were seeing as heroes and that game was a step to reach the cup. When we got to the stadium we were sitting among the Chelsea fans and that wasn’t so good. For ninety minutes I felt like a real fan, I just couldn’t even talk, I was completely in shock and amazed of the beautiful game that was taking place just 10 meters from where I was sitting. At that time I wasn’t doing any violent acts that could have hurt the other spectators. I was considered a real fan without proceeding with harmful behavior for other

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