Sociological Violence: Sport And The Sociological Imagination

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Essay Question #1 – Sport and the Sociological Imagination
Throughout history victors and their fan bases have always been known to celebrate extensively, often times with violence. In ancient times and even as recently as World War II, conquering armies would lay waste to their opponents cities after defeating them. While it was not as common in more recent battles, armies such as Genghis Khan’s in the 13th century and the Ottoman Empire in the late 13th and early 14th centuries were famous for pillaging towns and villages after conquering them as well as raping the women. Nowadays these displays, while not nearly as dangerous and horrific occur in the sports world at least once a year. For example, on June 15, 1990, when the Detroit Pistons
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Once these giant celebrations commence, the people partaking in them post on any of the numerous social media apps, which other people will see and can choose to join in on the excitement. This helps to form a giant group of people and bring attention to a cause that is fueled by this attention. In addition, the way that the media covers these events also leads to these riots. The difference between the ways the media treats black protests versus white riots is very shocking. The media often refers to black protestors as “criminals” and “thugs” whereas white sports rioters are referred to as “young people” (Finley, 2015) who may have gotten a little bit out of control or who are extremely passionate about their teams (Finley, 2015). This clear difference in how a sports riot is portrayed helps to alleviate the complete monstrosity that occurs. By downplaying what unfolds during these riots, the media helps to accept that they are a part of life. The coverage the media gives to these protestors also encourages them to act in an uncivilized way. People wanting to be famous guides society in such a way that everyone looks up to some sort of celebrity and envies their lives. This is important because . If the media were to treat sports riots as if they were a black protest, which is in a negative light, there would not be as much of an acceptance for what goes on and the number of sports …show more content…
Alcohol is like the gas that fuels the fire inside of the rioters. It gives them the confidence and excitement as well as the ability to vent their anger without having to fear repercussions. The mob mentality, a core part of our culture and the way we think as humans is also what is needed. The few anarchists that start these revolts on their own use this too their advantage to cause chaos. In conclusion, it is the cultural aspect that leads to the start but it is the economical aspect that makes the riots as large scale as they get and it is the technological aspect that makes them acceptable and able to keep happening with little to no

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