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Discover the barren land, and unique people of Mexico. Explore the variety of sandy beaches in its blazing hot climate, and giant volcanoes. Travel to Mexico to learn about their lifestyle, sports and religion including the amazing history of Mexico. Come on by and don 't wait another minute to visit Mexico!
Location: Mexico is located at about 23 degrees North and 102 degrees West in the southern portion of North America. It is also located in a region known as Middle America. In addition, Mexico is a little over 3,200 kilometer (2,000 miles) in length from its farthest land points. Mexico’s total area covers 1,972,550 square kilometers. Moreover, Mexico borders the United States of America; the states it borders are California, Arizona, New
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It is mandatory to attend school until at least the sixth grade. However, the average Mexican population attends school for only five years. More than 10% of Mexican people don’t know how to read and write. A large number of Mexican cities and towns began as Indian communities years ago. The Mexican family structure has survived a great deal of change in the last sixty years. In Mexico, many of the household has several generations of family living together. In those home, the head of the house is often the elders that consist of the grandfather. Mexican families usually cannot afford wedding and a court marriage license, but many still live together as husband and wife. The average Mexican man works from dawn till dusk. Women in Mexico are generally not treated as equal to men. Women play a crucial role in the Mexican society. Village girls usually look to marry between the ages of 14-16 years old. Mexican families usually cannot afford wedding and a court marriage license, but still live together as husband and wife. In Mexico birth control is not widely practiced. Many women (young girls) become pregnant shortly after getting …show more content…
In the constitution are the rules for the federal government. Mexico is divided into thirty-one states and it has one federal district. The federal district is located in Mexico City. Each state has its own government and legislature in Mexico. The President’s job is to enforce the country’s laws, make appointments, and command the armed forces. In Mexico, the president is the person who appoints the cabinet to manage the different sections of the Federal government. The president is elected for a one six-year term, and cannot be re-elected. There is no Vice-President in Mexico. The Legislative Branch will appoint a replacement if the President cannot finish their term. The President’s office is in Mexico City. The government in Mexico is divided into three departments, Executive, Legislative and Judicial. It is the President who is in charge of the Executive Department. In the Executive Branch are the President and Cabinet members. The Legislative Branch is the Senate and has 128 members and the Chamber of Deputies with 500 members. Lastly, the Judicial Branch is the Supreme Court of Justice with 21

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