Essay On Mexican Government

Stages of the Mexican government Mexico has had a very rich and interesting past. People have inhabited the land that is now known as Mexico since before 1500 B.C. (Mexico Timeline). For a couple millennia the inhabitants were Indians, however, it wasn 't until about 1110 that a group called the Aztecs moved in. They were overtaken around 1519 by Hernando Cortés and his men from Spain. For nearly 300 years Spain was the official ruler of Mexico, but the people of Mexico revolted at the beginning of the 19th century and have been independent since. The Aztecs were a nomadic civilization, however for a few hundred years, they considered the land of Tenochtitián their home. Tenochtitián would later be renamed Mexico City by Hernando Cortés. There were three main regions of ancient Mexico: Tenochtitián, Texcoco, and Tlacopan. Interestingly enough, the area of Tenochtitián has always been the center of every civilization who has inhabited the land. The Aztec government was semi-democratic but not completely. The people had a say, but the ruler had ultimate control. There were multiple tiers of the Aztec government beginning with family. The family was the center of society. Despite the multiple tiers, everything branched out from and revolved around family. The second …show more content…
However, from about 1870 on there is a lot more information about political and economic topics. The last civil war the Mexico was in was in 1920 it was brief. Sentence, Mexico has been experiencing peace and growth that they hadn 't previously had. NRP or "National Revolutionary party "Was established in 1929 this party is sort of like our political parties. The NPR has pretty much controlled Mexico through the entire 20th century but was renamed in 1946 as the international Revolutionary party. (Mexico:history, Geography, and

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