Panera Bread Swot Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Panera Bread Company will have no control over this factor. This will cause their profit margins to experience some pressure.

Franchise Operation: Due to the operational restrictions on franchise operations Panera Bread Company would prefer to establish area development agreements (ADAs). While there are many benefits to owning a franchise, there are also some drawbacks. According to an article on, one of the drawbacks of owning a franchise is cost. The initial cost of a franchise can be $50,000 or more on top of the cost of equipment, inventory, and business space. Also, franchises frequently require their franchisees to pay ongoing a percentage in royalties or franchise fees.


Meeting new alternatives to current demands: People are moving away from the traditional fast food restaurants and the fast-casual industries are offering a new alternative. Young professionals do not want to cook or simply don?t have the time to do so. However, they are still concerned about eating more healthy foods and dinning in nice restaurant. Panera Bread has a great opportunity in this era for even more

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