p5- m3 unit 9 design a promotional campagin for a given product service

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Campaign Name and Type: Pop Boutique, TV advert, newspaper, bill boards
Planned Launch Date: June 2013

Primary Purpose or Objective
What is the main outcome you intend to achieve? Tie it back to the relevant marketing objective.
Pop Boutique is a business which is based in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and London. This company is looking to expand their business nationally and wants a full scale marketing campaign to support its strategy.

The company also has many smart objectives to achieve, e.g. they are looking for awareness of the brand, growth and sales to make more profit. However these objectives have to be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time scale) in order to be successful and to see
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Aspiration: I will increase the desire for my clothing by advertising on different websites like Facebook, twitter etc. This is extremely essential for the business because more teenagers and other people use these socialising sites in order to interact to people.
Because of using these sides which are free of cost can help the Pop boutique to sell the product. I will be using these sites because I can put the pictures of new clothes up, and can get feedback from customers to see what they like and dislike. This can be achievable because it’s really easy to do.
Desire: Pop Boutique is very unique business so I believe using radio method is good because you can explain more details about the company within 30 seconds.
This tactic is achievable by giving more details about the company and about the products. Pop Boutique is vibrant, funky and colourful with more than a suggestion of retro. Their products are unique, new fashioned and almost liked by celebrities.
Action: To achieve this tactic I will provide contact details through all media that I am going to use. I will provide web address through billboards, direct mail, radio, magazine, TV and newspaper. I will also let people know where to find us so people can visit to the shop..

By providing contact details customers can buy the product easily. E.g. whether to buy online or in the shop. However the company has shops in many different cities but those who can’t visit to the shop, can go on

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