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In this task I am going to be speaking about and explaining a successful promotional campaign. The campaign I will be speaking about is the ‘whopper sacrifice’. The whopper sacrifice is a Burger King advertising campaign on Facebook that promised a coupon for a free hamburger if participants deleted 10 people from their ‘friends’ lists on the social network. I would class a good advertising campaign as: it is aimed at the target audience and uses the most effective medium for them. It should raise the awareness of the business and also increase the public's estimation of its importance. The main message must be the most prominent one, the one that stays in your head. The main types of advertising media are as follows: television, printed …show more content…
People who see television adverts are watching TV, people who can actually be bothered to go on Facebook to check this out are probably not watching TV, so this might not work out. Although, some people will go on Facebook even though their favourite program is just about to come back on whilst the adverts finish up, they would go on Facebook and go through with burger king’s promotion, but I just think it would be a lot more convenient as a potential customer to just be reminded next time they’re surfing on the FB.
Overall I think that burger king was right to use social media as their media choice in this successful promotional campaign. I think this because of the reasons and all of the advantages that I have spoken about above. These are not, though, the only reasons, there are many more such as ANYBODY out of 500 Million people are open to this campaign and I just think that overall, no other media type could have resulted in success in this particular campaign as much as web based/social media could have.
Factors which companies must consider when deciding on which type of media to use for a promotional campaign:
Coverage: Otherwise called reach, expressed as a percentage, reach is the number of individuals (or homes) to expose the product to through media scheduled over a period of time... you need to consider this when choosing a type of media because if you are a large

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