Overall The Career Fair Is Better Than I Expected It Essay

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Overall the Career fair was better than I expected it to be. I was a little nervous at first because I am a natural introvert. However, once I warmed up to the fair it became easier. I met many employers, and thought about career paths that I had never imagined for myself. I believe that the fair was a success because I was prepared, and had objectives that I wanted to meet. I also think that it was a success because I started off slow and then jumped right in.
First, I would like to discuss my precreation for the career fair. A few days before the career fair, I went and bought some resume paper, so that my resumes would look and feel nice. I also polished my shoes and portfolio. The most important thing I did was create a list of goals and objectives that I wanted to meet while at the fair. During this time, I started to do some research on the employers that were there. I first looked for employers who wanted people with my major. I found over eighty employers. I then decided to go through those list and find the best employers that I felt would be good fits, I wrote those down, and I looked at the job and the job description. For the ones that I was really interested in, I went to their website and did some deeper investigation about the company and the job position that they were hiring for. After, this I put these jobs on my goals and objectives sheet that I created. I also wrote down my five major strengths and ways I could incorporate these in an elevator pitch.…

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