Outliers Are Extraordinary Individuals Who Did Not Need College

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Outliers are extraordinary individuals who did not need college to be successful in the first place. In the past it was an honor and a privilege to go to college and only the wealthy families were able to send their kids. Today times have changed and college is no longer an option but it is essential, however, due to the huge financial price tag that comes along with a four year college degree, it is making it almost impossible for American kids to go to college. Students face the uncertainty of graduating and not being able to find a job in today’s competitive job market. In addition, not all American kids are cut out for college. College is for certain kids who are focused, ambitious, ready to learn and they know what they want in life, but it is not for most of today’s generation because kids are indecisive, not focused, do not care about school and most importantly have not decided on a career path. Students really need to think twice before choosing to attend college.
Therefore, many students have to turn to college loans to help cover the cost of higher education. According to the Ivory Tower documentary video it states student loans for college students in the United States is at 1 trillion dollars in debt. This debt is bigger than credit card debt in the United States alone. What this means is the cost of college is increasing dramatically and student loans are at an all time high. As a result, students are in debt for many years after graduating college. Hence, many…

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