Otters Descriptive Writing

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An Unforgettable Summer

One summer day at Lake Lagoon, California. Six teens arrived to their summer camp cabin. Their names are Jayden, Andy, AJ, Monique, Rebecca, and Alicia. Jayden was tall, brown hair, athletic, tan skin and muscular. Andy is a surfer with blonde hair and blue eyes. AJ is dark skinned, funny, has dark eyes and buff. Monique is dark skinned, tall, great figured and has curly hair. Rebecca has blonde hair, blue eyes, tall and fit body. Lastly, Alicia has black hair, fit body and green/hazel light eyes. The cabin was perfect for them to spend their summer vacation, especially the great view of the enormous lake. Once they got into their cabin, everyone unpacked their items in their room. As soon as they were done unpacking
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There are otters over there.“ All of them walk toward the otters. Thinking to themselves that the otters are nice and that the otters know tricks. “Why don't we play with them,” AJ said. Then AJ mischievously decides to pick up some pebbles and tosses them. The otters started to get agitated and really upset. Rebecca notice that there were newborns and decides to take a picture of the otters. She got closer to the pups because she wants to get a better view of the otters. Rebecca wanted to pet one so she reaches her hand out. Suddenly, an otter bite Rebecca on the calf. Rebecca begins to screams. All hell broke lose, Rebecca was being attacked by the mother of the newborn. The father began to jump and crawl on top of AJ. Jayden and Monique are frozen, not knowing what to do. Just standing there and blacked out. “What are you doing! Why are you guys just standing there? Do something!,” Andy yells at them. “What do we do?,” Jayden replies. “Grab those rocks next to the tree and throw them at them like what Andy did before!,” shouted Andy. As Andy and Monique begin to throw the rocks at the otters they carefully try not to throw or hit the newborn since they weren't the ones trying to harm them. Rebecca is still getting scratched and bitten by the mom otter after making her the dumb decision of trying to pet the pup. Finally, Andy grabs a stick and starts to whack them off. Rebecca runs to the camp limping because of all the bite marks on her leg. …show more content…
“ How about we just hike to the other end of the lake and drop them there” Andy suggests. After a miserable two hours of hiking to the other side of the vast lake they find a spot where to drop them off. It is a nice little spot with bright green leaves on the trees, lots of room to make a new house, beautiful scenery of the sky and lake. While the girls stand back Jaden and Andy open the box with AJ on the rope ready to swing them into the lake. The tension begins to the grow as the moment is coming where they are released. Jayden and Andy open the box the otter come out fighting AJ has a split second to swing and get them out of harm. Jayden swing them almost falling over the loose dirt the otters go flying into the lake. The easy part is over, now comes the hard part cutting them loose from the net. “I'll do it “ Rebecca commands she approaches the otters slowly trying not to make the same mistake she made the first time. Se slices the net and runs for her life as if a bear were to be chasing her. The otters are free! They swim away and don't return to the original

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