Organizational Commitment and Communication Essay example

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Organizational Commitment and Communication Paper
Many factors within an organization can affect group and organizational communication. Different leadership styles could affect group communication. Sources of power found in the organization could affect organizational communication. There are motivational theories that could be effective within the culture of the organization. The commitment of the workforce to the organization plays a major role in the organization’s communication. It is important to know how each of these factors affects group and organizational communication in order to ensure effective communication within the organization.
The success of a leadership style relies on the circumstances that have been brought to
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Most workers place security above all other factors associated with work and will display little ambition.
Theory Y 1. Employees can view work as being as natural as rest or play. 2. People will exercise self-direction and self-control if they are committed to the objectives. 3. The average person can learn to accept, even seek, responsibility. 4. The ability to make innovative decisions is widely dispersed throughout the population and is not necessarily the sole province of those in management positions.
Southwest Airlines positive attitude towards their employees and their customers has made them a successful organization. Theory Y describes the way that Southwest Airlines views the human nature within their employees and their customers and how they strive to have their espoused values align with their enacted values.
Commitment of the workforce to the organization is a key factor in the relationship to the organization’s communication. Organizational commitment is described by Armstrong (2006) as containing three components: “an identification with the goal’s and values of the organization, a desire to belong to the organization and a willingness to display effort on behalf of the organization. Employees that are loyal and committed to their employer tend to have better chances of receiving rewards such as a promotion. Employees that are committed go further in the organization than employees that “slack”. Coincidentally, most

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