Organizational Behavior : Helping Help Cope And Get Through Certain Situations

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Organizational Behavior has helped to prepare me for my college career. I have a better understanding of my behavior. It has also opened me to realize the signs when I become stressed. I tend to be a very stressed person due to my personality, military career, and experiences. I believe that it is important to have a stress management plan in place to help cope and get through certain situations. Stress affects cognitive, behavioral, psychodynamic, and development (Boekaert, D 'Oosterlinck, Goethals, Maeyer, & Schuyten, 2008)Using this plan will allow me to become a success, because I will be able to graduate from Tidewater Community College, transfer to Hampton University, and graduate with an undergraduate degree in architecture.
My stress management plan will be as simple as these seven steps:
1. Recognize the signs I am stressed
2. Identify my stressor
3. Communicate my stress
4. Acknowledge my role
5. Relax, Relax, Relax
6. Create a stress relief hobby
7. Come up with a game plan
Before this class, I would often not recognize when I would become very stressed. I can admit that I never wanted to talk about my feelings and emotions. I would often shake, or become very anger and bitter because I would not take the time to recognize that I was stress. By doing this I was never able to do deal with the issue, because I never recognized that there was an issue. I have talked with my wife, and she notices when I am stressed. I have become more open to communicating…

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