Essay about Open Carry Of A Gun

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Is the thought of someone armed concerning? The Supreme Court has ruled that police officers have no legal duty to protect citizens from violent crime (Should). To bear arms is a freedom all should enjoy. To carry openly, to conceal carry, and to purchase a gun are all benefits in which Americans can take pleasure.
First, citizens demonstrate the freedom to bear arms by choosing to carry weapons openly in public. Open carry is a hot topic in America. Arkansas Attorney General, Leslie Rutledge, said that the Arkansas Act 746 of 2013 allows individuals to open carry a gun as long as the person is not planning on using the gun for criminal activity (Beebe). There are now forty-five states that, in some fashion, allow for the open carry of a sidearm. Fifteen of these states are first requiring citizens to obtain a permit before doing so. On January 1, 2016, Houston and Dallas will be the largest cities in the United States that allow open carry of a handgun.
Privately owned businesses choose whether or not to permit guns on their premises. Owners, who do not allow guns on their property, should post signs that say guns are not permitted. Some businesses have increased revenue by allowing weapons in their establishments. In one article, Shotgun News reports that the Cajun Experience restaurant in Leesburg, Virginia, has seen more traffic since they introduced Second Amendment Wednesdays, where patrons are encouraged to carry, whether open or concealed (Suprynowicz). Customers…

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