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(EDWARDSVILLE, Ill.)- SIUE Chief of Police Kevin Schmoll told a divided group of about 30 residents and students that the new Firearm Concealed Carry Act will allow them to carry firearms in public-unless they are on campus.
The law includes several prohibited areas that will not allow concealed carry. These prohibited areas include government buildings, stadiums, and university campuses, said Schmoll while speaking in the Morris University Center on Thursday.
“The right to bear arms is right there in the Constitution,” said James Dawson, an employee at SIUE’s Information Technology Services. “Quit stripping us of our rights.”
Dawson was in the majority of people at the meeting who seemed in favor of bringing guns on campus. This majority
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She said anything else makes her feel less safe, not safer.
“I don’t trust college-age people to safely use guns,” said Bailey.
She said she also sees problems with the enforcement of the law.
“How are the police supposed to tell the difference between a law-abiding person with a gun and someone carrying one to rob somebody or worse,” said Bailey.
This new law comes after the state failed to pass a concealed carry law last year, resulting in Illinois being the only state to completely ban concealed carry.
On July 9, 2013, Illinois became the last state in the country to allow carrying firearms in public with the passing of the Firearm Concealed Carry Act. Illinois passed the law after the Illinois Supreme Court ruled the ban on concealed carry unconstitutional.
The university will offer services to allow students to access their firearms while living in the dorms without bringing them on campus grounds, said Schmoll.
“They are not allowed on campus,” said Schmoll about firearms. “We do hold guns at the police station for anyone associated with the university, students, and faculty. If you want to use your gun, you can come check it

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