Online Schooling As A Way Of Earning Credits Toward A College Education

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In today’s world students are turning toward online schooling as a way of earning credits toward a college degree. This type of education first came into action in 1989, when the University of Phoenix became the first institution to launch a fully online collegiate institution that offered both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. In 1996, entrepreneurs Glen Jones and Bernand Luskin launched Jones International University, which became the first accredited and fully web-based university. Since the creation of these fully online programs and schools, distance learning has continued to grow in many different directions. (The History of Online Schooling, n.d).
While unknown two decades ago, online schools have become an increasingly popular way to pursue a college education. There are many benefits of taking online courses. Students are able to complete their assignments when it is more convenient for them, control financial issues, and learn the materials without face to face interaction. However, in every issue there are two sides. Meaning although online education has it’s perks it also has flaws.
Body (Cons)
Online colleges have been accused of taking profits from students, although this may not be true all of the time, students need to do their research before choosing to pursue an education online. The student must make sure both the degree and the school are accredited. Like a stamp of approval, accreditation tells students that a school or degree program meets certain…

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