Online Vs Classroom Education

Online vs classroom education

Dropout rates in the United States is a big issue, but how can someone can prevent that from happening? Giving students the opportunity to take online classes can really help. The big issue here is why hasn 't regular face to face classroom learning helped students out. It 's the teachers not doing their work or does this have to do with the students? We can see the behavior of students if it has to do with a personal problem or they just don 't like school at all. They might be going through something we don 't really know about because they may be really good at hiding it but it shows in their grades. They get overwhelmed and take the easy way out and take the easy way out and drop out. Online classes will
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Without a high school diploma, you will not be able to have good opportunities for the students who do finish it. Right away when someone finds out you didn 't finish school they start to treat you differently and look at you like someone dumb and don 't see your full potential. No matter what they will always treat you like someone less because you didn 't finish school. Online classes will give students the opportunity for students to finish school so they could succeed in their education, work, and day to day lives. On the other hand, there could be a problem with online classes and that 's they may not have internet access so they could finish their classes. Some students can 't afford for their parents to pay for the internet because they have other bills to pay. If this is the case for some students online classes are going to be difficult for them because they will lose this other chance they got. This is one of the reasons why online classes is a better choice for …show more content…
Online classes give students better opportunities to improve their education and day to day lives, recover credits they lost because of the loss of commitment and take extracurricular classes that will help them stand out from other students because they went over and beyond. Online classes may seem like they are a big hassle to handle but they really aren 't if one puts commitment and effort into them. Online classes is a better opportunity because they give students the chance to work on them whenever they have the time too because they might also have other things to worry about, for instance, work or sports. Also, students will have to make sure don 't start to slack off and get behind because it can be difficult to catch up and stressful because the more behind you fall the more demotivated one will become and they may also give up on the online classes like they did school. Online classes are just better depending on the student but they seem to be working better than schools do and give better opportunities for students who lost

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