Compare And Contrast Online Education Vs Classroom Education

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Online vs classroom education

Dropout rates in the United States is a big issue, but how can someone can prevent that from happening? Giving students the opportunity to take online classes can really help. The big issue here is why hasn 't regular face to face classroom learning helped students out. It 's the teachers not doing their work or does this have to do with the students? We can see the behavior of students if it has to do with a personal problem or they just don 't like school at all. They might be going through something we don 't really know about because they may be really good at hiding it but it shows in their grades. They get overwhelmed and take the easy way out and take the easy way out and drop out. Online classes will give students another great opportunity to succeed in life so they could finish school, recover lost credits due to
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Students have the chance to take extracurricular classes their school doesn 't offer. For instant like community leadership; the student may not really need this class so they could graduate but they may enjoy helping out the community and finding new ways to make it better. These extra classes that are added into their transcript will really give them an advantage when they start their college process because the college admissions will see that the student went over in beyond. Yes, it 's great to go over and beyond and take extra classes but students could start to get distracted in the classes they really need to graduate and focus moire on the classes they don 't need. This could cause them to not end up graduating. That may be a reason why schools don 't offer some classes because they want their students to stay focus. That 's the last reason why online classes help students will give the ability for a student to take extracurricular

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