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Speedo International Ltd. has several types of product line and it’s global company. Speedo is selling their product through agents, online and retail store. By this way, customer can get their desired Speedo product more easily.
Speedo is also available in Asian countries, Europe, Americas, Middle East/ Africa and Pacific countries and basically speedo is available globally. Speedo Fit app is also available in USA, Canada, Mexico, China, UK, France and Ireland. Speedo also has their branch, which is located throughout in Malaysia and the main branch is located at Kuala Lumpur.
Besides, in able to let speedo have a good sales, they also set up stalls and booth on the competition venue to promote their product by giving out discount.
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Speedo can hire a staff to in charge on the blog page to improve their business and practices. On the blog, Speedo can also advertise or display their product and also the price of the product. Since blog page advertisement is low cost and the blogging website is free of charge, Speedo will have advantage on the blog page to help to promote Speedo product. Consumers whom are interested also can look through the blog page before going to the Speedo branch or retail store.


Speedo can do some banners by displaying and advertising their product on it and hire some models to wear the swimming attire to display on the banner. The banners can be placed along the road or on the competition venue.

Speedo can advertise and promote their product through mass media, television and social media. Speedo can pay them and the broadcast channel to help them to promote and advertise their product. Besides this, Speedo can also advertise their product on the cinema advertisement time. Through advertisement, Speedo can show their latest version of swimming attire and the best combination of product at a cheaper

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