The Importance Of Sustainable Fashion

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Fashion is used as a medium for people to express themselves and communicate who they are, however, as a whole, the industry is based on materialism and design obsolescence that undermines the notion of sustainability. Sustainability can be defined as being able to meet the needs of the present without compromising the future economically, socially and environmentally (TFIA, 2014). Designers have a responsibility to work within these guidelines, though most do not. Businesses can control the impact they have on the environment, society and economy by changing their business philosophy, modifying their production processes and products, and by utilising their influence to educate consumers.
Business Philosophy and Management
Companies have a social, economic and environmental responsibility to partake in sustainable practices. As a business, the first step towards fulfilling this responsibility is to change the company’s vision and philosophy. To strive towards intergenerational equity, where the needs of today are met without compromising those of the future.
Companies are adding sustainable practices to their philosophy to meet rising demand and awareness of
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To slow down the clothing life cycle, that is to release fewer collections per year, would reduce waste and encourage consumers to buy less often (M. Dickson, 2011). However, many designers predict this would be detrimental to business, as consumers would prefer to shop at fast fashion companies such as H&M and Zara. With fast fashion relying on mass consumption and ever changing trends, the latest styles are designed, cheaply manufactured and in store within just a few weeks. Customers feel a need to attain the latest fashion, and the low prices encourage this further. However, this comes with a hefty environmental cost, with each garment guaranteed to be out of fashion by next season, accumulating an enormous amount of

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