Argumentative Essay On Fast Fashion

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As a young female designer myself, I can really understand and empathize the struggles of a young women who tries to keep up with the constantly changing fashion trends. Following these fast paced trends encourages people to shop at brands that promote fast fashion. This creates a negative impact in society. Fast fashion stores copy high end styles and provide them for very cheap and affordable prices. Although they provide a quick and cheap option to women with low finances, the after effect is what causes the real damage. Some fast fashion stores use child labour which creates a huge ethical issue, they also have a lot of wastage of resource and materials. This plays a negative impact on the environment which burdens the already increasing problem of climate change. So after educating myself about these issues the question that I asked myself was that “how am I going to create a fashion line for young women with low finances?”.The solution being that I will create a line that will provide fashionable trendy styles at a reasonable price and that my line would have to offer more wearability and efficiency. This line will be a customized clothing line focusing on women with low finances. Under this category come three sub categories; women in high school, colleges and university. The innovation used will be making customized dresses that can be worn inside and out. The design will be simple that can connect with the specific target market. The fabric being used will be

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