Online Classes And Face With Face Classes Essay

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Compare and Contrast: Online Classes and Face-to-Face Classes

The ever-escalating popularity of online classes due to widespread technological evolution has resulted in students, going so far as to abandon face-to-face classes altogether, with one of the largest private online universities, University of Phoenix, accepting 90,000 students in 2003. However, even with this expanding fame, there are people remaining unconvinced about the credibility of online classrooms as compared to real-life ones. Whether this bias is valid or not, it is important for prospective students, parents, and teachers to compare and contrast, significant facets of both options such as Use of communication, learning environment, and cost.

To begin, online classes often utilize unique ways of communicating; ways that can provide outstanding integration between teachers and students. First, along with the commonplace usage of e-mail, one of the exclusive tools used for maintaining contact with peers and teachers is chat rooms. The use of chat rooms allows teachers and students to interact with one another at a quicker pace than one would see in e-mailing. But, since the internet is the primary medium for online classes, it is likely that teachers or peers will respond quickly to emails as well, considering the recipient will be operating the computer a fair amount of the time. Secondly, the extensive use of other communication tools throughout the learning process help…

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