October Sky Essay

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October Sky is a movie which states a true story happened to a boy. The high five principles are seen in the movie as the boy makes his journey to make is dream a reality. The high five principles are change is constant, learning is ongoing, focus on the journey, follow your heart and access your allies. These principles are important not just to the character in the movie but for every one on earth who make their journey into the depths of careers and jobs.
Change is constant because today will not be the same as tomorrow and yesterday was not the same as today. Change can be categorized into long term or short term depending on the kind of change you look at. In the movie the boy dropped out of the football team and when he saw a
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There are many people who focused on there journey and it brought them what they had dreamed of in the past.
The fourth principle is following your heart since your heart knows what's best for you. When the boy's father got hurt he went into coal mining to support is family. After a while his father got better and became proud of him but he became unhappy at what he was doing. He had a fight with his father on quitting and returning to school and following his heart which was building rockets. He got a scholarship and his dream of becoming a rocket engineer came true. This is a great way to being happy and getting the job that makes you happy also since your heart knows best why not follow it.
The last principle is access your allies which means to always keep your allies close enough so you can talk to them face to face. The boy stayed close to his father at all times so as to impress him and so his father could help him on his journey. His father helped him even if he disagreed with his son on his future career. When the boy went to a national science fair which was several miles away he still kept in touch with his father. Your allies are not actually your enemy or your best friend but if you are stuck on your journey their there to help you out.
In conclusion, the high five principals are needed in our everyday life. In October Sky we had seen all the

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