The Importance Of Life In Buried Onions

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Over the years, a lot things have changed in our lives. According to Webster’s Dictionary, changed is defined as, “to undergo transformation, transition, or substitution” (“Changed”) Most of us experience different changes in our life, but they 're few people whose life’s aren’t changed because they don’t want it to.
One way to explain changed, is my life. I had always been known as the “quiet girl” in high school. For that reason, being is because I always hid myself. I have always been afraid of what would happen if I let everyone know the truth about myself. I struggled through many years to get to where I am right now. Even thought, it was hard for me to come out as a lesbian to my friends because I thought our relationships would
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“For me there wasn’t much to do except eat and sleep, watch out for drive bys, and pace myself through life” (Soto 3). Eddie used to be a bad boy that would hang out with Angel and his primo Jesus, always getting into trouble. Once Jesus died, he started to change into someone else. He changed his behavior to become a better person. He realized that living that life he had, doing drugs and being misbehaved was going to get him anywhere, especially growing up on the wrong side of town. He had his own place and didn’t really go out as much unless he would work. He tried to avoid trouble as much as he …show more content…
“The future isn 't written yet and it might not even be what you saw. You need to focus on the here and now. You need to live your life.” (J. Garrick) He changed things in the past that made things change in the future, but what Garrick is saying is that he shouldn’t be going in the past to have the future, he wants, he should just live in the moment and put effort towards something he wants to get the future that he wants.
There are many ways that being changed can affect us. For some people it’s an amazing feeling, to know that the person you love has changed for you, or even just that you have transformed into someone you have wanted to be. For others, being changed can be something they hate because they might have turned into the person they always told themselves not to be or someone might just have turned into their worst enemy. Just know that there will always be change in your life, no matter what, be prepared for

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