Essay about Obtaining An International Placement Is A Major Goal Of Mine

2390 Words Aug 5th, 2016 null Page
Acquiring an international placement is a major goal of mine. It would present me with an invaluable opportunity to cultivate unique skills needed for a future career in the international social work field. This prompts me to pursue the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees’ Community-Based Protection Unit (UNHCR CBP) Geneva, Switzerland placement and the Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) internship in Chennai, India. The UNHCR CBP placement is my top choice however, for several reasons. Primarily I am attracted to this placement’s impactful services and its capacity to challenge my macro skills to the fullest. Most importantly because it would grant me the opportunity to collaborate in my areas of interest; improving outcomes of organizational development; and further developing gender protection through policy recommendations. I feel that the UNHCR CBP placement is the perfect internship for me to develop more insight into how international policies and organizations influence our response to the needs of our global refugee population. Furthermore, a position at the UNHCR attracts me because it seeks to serve refugees and other stateless persons, populations that I am passionate about and who I have dedicated my studies and social work practice to over the last few years. Working with people from diverse cultures has always fascinated me, leading me to live in different settings around the world, from a large city in Australia to a small agricultural…

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