Obstacles In My School

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School is my number one priority, but it is also very intense for me. School influenced me to be a whole new different person, but a type of good person. I always wondered why school was such a big deal and that I never really needed school because I hated it so much. I told myself that when I turn 18, I was going to drop out of school and just work at whatever job that provided me good money. So did I keep going or did I not? I had to face difficult obstacles like dealing with teachers, dealing with my parents, and dealing with my friends.
First off, I went to a charter school called Williams Preparatory, which I was there from 6th to 10th grade. My teachers always strived me to do better in school, they always told me “I’m going to be someone in life” which I didn’t believe because I mean let’s be real, some teachers are just saying that just to boost your confidence up, but in reality they already know who you are going to be in the future based on your attitude, appearance, and lack of knowledge. I always been that troublemaker in school, with little knowledge, who has some major attitude, but can also be really friendly. I remember trying so hard to get kicked out of that school, but it never worked for some reason. I faced a lot of obstacles with my
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Like I said before, I was that “bad” kid in school. Did I also mention I was “bad” at home too, yeah I know shame on me. I never listened to my parents at all and going out with my friends every single day, roaming around the streets not realizing that something could’ve happened to me. My parents always worried about me and were less worried about my other two sisters, who are now the age of 16 and 23. They are the type who do really good in school and love to go to school. My parents would always encourage me and tell me the benefits about going to school. I’m thankful for my family especially, for encouraging me to go to school and never giving

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