Observation Of My Life During The United States And About Behavior

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Observation of my life in the US
I will discuss about behavior in my new training group in the United States and about behavior in general because I am an international student and I am also on the track team. This field is very interesting for me because it is abnormally close to me, but I can see a lot of new habits and behaviors here. It is a new experience because I have never trained with another team since I was 9 years old and I have studied only in the Czech Republic. I will focus on „new things“ and try to compere with my experiences from the Czech Republic and on this comparison I will demonstrate aspects of American culture.
My data will come from two sources. First source is practises which we have every day from 3pm to 6pm. Second source is time which I spend with them „off track“ it means sport seminars, meeting with coaches, athlete activities and of course communication with my teammates and students and employees at ISU.
Presentation of Data
At first, before I arrived to the United States and became a student at Idaho State University and member of Bengals family I was shocked by my coach. I have never seen before such professionalism on this level (I saw it before in professional teams on the top level, but we are amateurs with average/high performace). Communication was on a professional level, he answered my every question and was very useful with everything what I wanted. These words must mention also in communication with all employees at…

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