Objectives Of Strategic Planning Process Essay

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Strategic Planning Process
Apparently, in any organization strategic planning plays and instrumental role in determining the future of the business. The strategic planning is the process of coming up with steps that will ensure that the vision of an organization remain on cause in relation to different factors such as external and internal environmental (Job, 2012). In this case, strategic planning process involves four key steps which include Environmental Scanning, Strategy Formulation, Strategy Implementation and Strategy Evaluation. On the other hand, managers and top level executive should have decision making skills in the process of strategic planning (Kiechel, 2012). Critical to note is that the quality of services and goods being produced by an organization can adversely be affected by poor application of strategic planning process as well as environmental factors such as competition in the market. The following paper seeks to discuss the four main steps of strategic planning process, steps in decision making, and the impact of environmental factors on the quality-productivity-profitability.
Four main Steps in Strategic Planning Process
The first main step of strategic planning is the environmental scanning, which is the process of organizing, gathering as well as assessing the information (Job, 2012). Additionally, environmental scanning entails surveying and analyzing the necessary inflation with the aim of identifying the threat and opportunities.…

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