Decision, Decisions: Management And Decision Making Models

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DECISIONS, DECISIONS: Management and Decision Making Models As a manager you are required to possess exceptional decision making skills. Everything an organization or company does is rendered as results of a decision made by the managers of the organization. Although some have a limited impact on the organization directly they may still impact many lives. One of the most volatile management positions that required a great deal of analyzing and decision making is management accounting, which often aid management. Given an example of an instant where I would need to express my decision making skills, I will provides the techniques and decision making models used take to obtain the desired out-come.
BSE Veterinary Situation BSE Veterinary Service,
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Decision making is a mechanism for making choices at each step of the problem-solving process (Nahavandi, 2015, p. 238). I believe brainstorming in conjunction with utilizing the rational decision making model will be the best way to solve the problem at hand. The rational decision making model, or Model I, can be describes as focusing on the goal as well as strategies and tactical to reach that goal. The goal is to accept the task if the organization can afford it. By accepting the task, the decision will be impacting many lives by providing cattle that has been tested and are infection free. However, if the company cannot afford to take on the task we will not and resort to other matters, such as potential partnerships to ensure the cattle will be tested properly before being provided to the public. The rational model is a decision making process that consists of five …show more content…
By using techniques called cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis, we will determine the efficiency and the effectiveness of all of our possible alternatives (Navahandi, 2015, p.257). A formalized plan for the budget will be created to carry out the decisions to accept the 18,000 cattle for testing or not.
Finally, we will implement the best possible outcome that will not hinder the success of the organization or disrupt our future plans. After much brainstorming and rational decision making the organization has come to an agreement to accept the demanding task of testing 18,00 cattle. With one stipulation, increase in the price of services. Without increasing the price of service the company will still make a profit, however it would be extremely small, but that doesn’t compare to the organization losing

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